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Bluetooth Accessories M020x

Bluetooth Accessories M020x

Key Highlights & Features

  • Dedicated point to point option
  • Multi-roaming option
  • No setup
  • Self discovering
  • Status LED
  • Up to 20m (65ft) wireless


The Rinstrum Bluetooth accessories use the serial port profile (SPP) to provide a short range RS232 to Bluetooth wireless connection. The devices are self discovering and no setup is required at the host device. They are compatible with all Rinstrum indicators and remote displays that support serial communications (RS232).
Bluetooth Accessory Options:
  • M0200 cable replacement master end - used with M0201 cable replacement slave device.
  • M0202 Multi-roaming master device (used with M0203)
  • M0203 Multi-roaming slave device - can be used with M0202 or any other BT SPP master such as a PC, smart phone or PDA
Application Scenarios:
Cable replacement - in this case the indicator (master) is equipped with a M0200 and the remote display or console (slave) equipped with a M0201.
Multi-roaming - where one master device may connect to different slave devices depending on which is in range. In this case the M0202 is used at the master and the M0203 in the slave devices.
Third party host - where the weight is to be sent to a device such as a PC or PDA (master device). In this case the indicator (slave device) should be equipped with a M0203.

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