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    Truck Weighing – Axle Weighing

    The R400 series has a specific static axle weighing firmware K405 that is based on the standard truck weighing firmware K404 but allows for each axle weight to be printed on no motion and tallied.

    Truck Weighing – Single Deck

    Truck weighing is handled by indicators in both the R400 and 5000 series. The R400 series indicators feature a multi-line display and handle up to 16x350ohm loadcells. The R400 Series K404 and the 5000 Series 5230 are specific ically for truck weighing applications.

    The D640, D740 and 6500 all could be used for large remote displays outside to display the weight to drivers.

    The 0071 Summing Box takes up to 6 load cell inputs and can be daisy chained with another 0071 to handle up to 11 load cell inputs.

    Truck Weighing – Multi Deck

    Multi deck weigh bridges are an extension of the single deck application with the addition of a summing indicator.

    The R400 summing unit – R420-K481 will sum up to 9 slave units, from either the R400 family or the R300 family of indicators.

    The 6700 Summing Indicator would be used to sum the weight across multiple 5000 series indicators.

    Multiple Indicator Weighing System

    The R400, 5000 and R300 series indicators can all be networked back to a controlling PC.
    Benefits of networking:
    • Uses only one communication port on the master computer
    • Saves on communications cabling

    Process Control

    The R400, 5000 and 1203 indicators are all suitable for process control applications with their analogue output support, isolated I/O and RS232/RS485 communications

    The R400 is expandable up to 32 I/O for larger installations. The 1203 is lead free.

    Luggage Weighing

    The R323 stainless steel indicate can use specialist baggage weighing firmware and when used with the D323 remote display makes a compact economical baggage weighing system.

    Approved Weighing Systems

    Rinstrum’s trade approved weighing systems all feature:
    • Built-in RS232 – For connection to printer, PC or display
    • Configurable printing – For customised reports, printouts and dockets.
    • Built in clock calendar – For date and time stamping
    • Dedicated function keys – Zero, Tare, Gross/Net
    • Trade Approved – Australia, Europe and USA
    • Standard functions – Unit switching, counting, manual hold, peak hold, live weight, totalising, high resolution, auto tare, show set points
    • Complete range of mounting options – panel, wall, post or desk
    • PC configuration software (Viewer) – To transfer and backup indicator configuration for faster, easier setup.
    Additional features are listed for each product.

    Parts Counting

    The R400 series indicators have built-in parts counting functionality. The multi-line display improves operator usability and the alpha numeric keys assist an operator in finding stored Product IDs.

    The R420 is available on the X bases where a complete scale is required.


    Summing indicators are available for the R400, R300 and 5000 Series Indicators. The K481 is based on the R400 series and will sum either R400 units or R300 units. The 6700 will sum 5000 or 5100 units.

    Applications: multiple deck weigh bridges, car balancing systems, aircraft weighing, medical bed weighing applications and shipyard centre of gravity ballast determination.

    Check Weighing

    The 2100, X320 and the 5200 indicators have built-in check weighing applications. The 2100 and X320 support 3 band check weighing (low/pass/high). The 5200 supports 5 band check weighing and grading applications and stores up to 99 products.

    Each of these indicators has built-in RS232 for connection to printer, PC or display. For portion control and check weighing in food processing areas the X320 is the answer with its IP69K environmental rating making it suitable for high pressure, high temperature wash down.

    Onboard weighing

    The R300 and R400 Series indicators are suitable for a range of onboard or mobile weighing applications. Both have a wide DC operating range for easy system integration and feature the magnetically coupled opto-link on the front fascia which allows for simple software uploads and setup.

    These IP65 panel mount indicators are available in either ABS or flush mounted stainless steel.

    Tank Weighing

    Tank Weighing from a single tank to a tank farm can be handled with R320/323, R400 or the 1203 weight transmitter.
    • The R320 (ABS housing) and R323 (stainless steel) provide basic weighing functionality at the tank. The two high current isolated outputs can provide local control which could be used for level control for example. The communications port can be used to work back to a PC or in a larger installation multiple indicators can be configured in a ring network, saving on cabling.
    • The 1203 weight transmitter can connect back to a PLC or PC using various methods – 4-20mA Analogue/RS232/RS485, all of which come standard.
    • The R400 indicators provide the most flexibility and control as they can be configured with multiple IO and communication options – including Profibus and Ethernet. An R400 indicator is suitable as a standalone controller or as a networked unit.