R325 Luggage Weighing Indicator

    R325 Luggage Weighing Indicator


    Key Highlights & Features

    • 20mm (0.8in) LCD display with LED backlight
    • 7 to 24VDC power supply
    • rinLINK connector
    • Stainless Steel Panel Mount
    • Trade Approved Australia/Europe


    The R300 series of indicators builds on over 15 years of design experience to create an ideal solution for baggage handling applications, the R325 features:
    • Slim line panel mounting on the counter
    • Dedicated luggage functions including number of bags and total weight summing.
    • Combined with D323 remote display for complete luggage handling systems
    The dedicated luggage-weighing functionality allows for easy monitoring of both the total weight summing and the number of bags to ensure preset bag numbers and weight limits are not exceeded. This luggage information can be transmitted to a remote display (D323) for passenger viewing. Printing or computer network communications are provided via the RS485 port.

    Dedicated key pad functions increase input capabilities and decreases the chance of operator error. Pre-determined bag and total weight limits prevent excess luggage weights being accepted by the operator.
    Features include:
    • Function Keys: Add/Totals/Cancel/Finish
    • Totalising
    • Configurable Printing
    • Built in serial communications (RS232/RS485) to a remote display and PC or printer.
    • Set point function
    Opto-link magnetically coupled link on front fascia for easy access in situ for updates/setup of the indicator, saving the installer time and effort.
    IP65 rated housings:Dust and water tight, increasing reliability and indicator life time.