M4222 Indicators

    M4222 Indicators


    Key Highlights & Features

    • 10/100 Base TX with Auto Negotiation
    • DHCP Client
    • Raw bi-directional ports (TCP & UDP)
    • Raw transmit only ports (TCP & UDP)
    • Standard RJ45 connector
    • Standard USB female connector
    • Web Interface


    The R400 Series R420 and R423 indicators support Ethernet using the M4222 module, it can be used with application software:
    • K401 Basic Weighing
    • K402 Process control
    • K410 Filling
    • K411 Batching
    Connect an R400 indicator onto a network using an Ethernet connection for:
    • Remote monitoring of indicator (for service technicians)
    • Direct connection to the indicator from your PC application using standard sockets interface, to retrieve weight readings and configure settings
    • Remote PC serial port locate your PC away from the indicator and still access the indicator like it was connected directly to the PC on a serial port (M400-525)
    • 10 TCP and 4 UDP bi-directional server sockets to interact with network port on the R400
    • 3 TCP and 4 UDP uni-directional sockets (listening) to interact with auto-output port on the R400
    • Simple configuration of network settings (DHCP, IP, Subnet mask, Gateway, DNS) from the R400 and web interface
    • Ability to access indicator as a serial port on a PC using M400-525
    • DHCP client built in for auto IP negotiation or static IP allocation