R400 Series Modules

    R400 Series Modules


    Key Highlights & Features

    • 8 I/O Modules
    • Analogue Output Module
    • Button Module
    • Data Storage Device Module
    • RS232/RS232 Module
    • RS232/RS485 Module
    • RS485/RS485 Module


    The R400 Series flexibility is provided through its broad range of modules that are easy to configure and neatly connect into the rear of the indicator. There are 4 module slots where an indicator can be equipped with only the features required for a given installation.
    Communication Modules
    Communication modules are in addition the built in RS232/RS485 ports on the R400 indicators. These modules are all fully isolated and recommended for application where there is a risk of lightening or surges or where additional communication ports are required. M4201 RS232/RS232, M4202 RS232/RS485, M4203 RS485/RS485)
    Input/Output Modules (M4301, M4311, M4321, M4331)
    An R400 indicator can be equipped with up to 32 I/O. These I/O are electrically isolated, designed for direct connection into PLC's and are capable of driving low voltage actuators directly. Each module has 8 digital I/O ports which are limited to maximum input voltage of 30V and can drive up to 400mA.
    Analogue Output Module (M4401)
    The Analogue Module provides one isolated (>500V) 4-20mA or 0-10V analogue output. Update rates of up to 400Hz are possible with 1/65,000 resolution. Two digital I/O the same as the M4301 are also provided. It can be scaled to suit the input on the PLC. The fast update and high D to A conversion rate give a smooth output curve which helps a PLC to see more realistic readings (2.5msec step)
    Button Module (M4302)
    The Button Module provides 4 voltage free inputs for use with switches or thumbwheels. The voltage free inputs eliminate the need to wire up complicate input driver circuits.
    Data Storage Device Module (M4501)
    The Data Storage Module provides non volatile alibi memory storage (6M bytes) according to WELMEC 7.2 L. Compatible with later versions of software.