R420, R423 and R427 – K401 Firmware

    R420, R423 and R427 – K401 Firmware


    Key Highlights & Features

    • Counting with piece weight entry
    • Custom printing
    • Custom unit switching
    • PLC integration
    • Reporting
    • Set pointing


    The K401 is a general purpose indicator suitable for weigh bridges, general trade weighing, multiple indicator weighing systems and process control. The Scale Entry/Exist features make the K401 ideal for unmanned weigh bridges.
    Programmable printing for customized dockets and reports can support two separate printers
    • Comprehensive print tokens allow for all instrument data to be printed in a variety of formats
    • Custom print strings can be assigned to multiple instrument events, for example long and short press of a print key.
    Custom Unit Switching allows for complete flexibility
    • programme for standard weight units (kg, lb, t etc) or
    • define alternative weighing units for your application (litres or force for example)
    Flexible set point configuration for improved system integration. A set point can be individually configured to instrument status or weight target triggers. Each set point can be:
    • Independently configured for a given function
    • Associated with a given output
    • Configured for high or low logic
    • Defined to use a given weight source - Gross, Net, Alternate Units or Piece count
    The large multi-line display assists the operator by displaying current weight and total weight and product name.