C500 Series – Modules and Accessories

    C500 Series – Modules and Accessories


    Key Highlights & Features

    • 8 I/O Module
    • AC Power supply
    • Analogue Output Module
    • Physical Hardware Seal
    • RS232/RS232 Module
    • RS485/RS485 Module
    • Stainless Steel Dust Cover


    Communication Modules

      The C500 communications modules are all fully isolated and recommended for application where there is a risk of lightening or surges or where additional communication ports are required.
    • M5201 RS232/RS232
    • M5203 RS485/RS485)

    Input/ Output Module (M5301)

      An C500 indicator can be equipped with up to 8 I/O. These I/O are electrically isolated, designed for direct connection into PLC†™s and are capable of driving low voltage actuators directly. This module has 8 digital I/O ports which are limited to maximum input voltage of 30V and can drive up to 400mA.

    Analogue Output Module (M5401)

      The Analogue Module provides one isolated (>500V) 4-20mA or 0-10V analogue output. Update rates of up to 400Hz are possible with 1/65,000 resolution. Two digital I/O the same as the M5301 are also provided. It can be scaled to suit the input on the PLC. The fast update and high D to A conversion rate give a smooth output curve which helps a PLC to see more realistic readings (2.5msec step)

    AC Power Supply (M5104)

      The AC power supply module can be directly plugged in to C500 indicator and locked via 3 screws. The module is rated for 90-260VAC 50/60Hz input and comprise with an additional 12VDC 1.0A auxiliary output.

    Physical Hardware Seal (M5009)

      The M5009 Physical Seal, made of plastic, will apply a physical seal to the load cell input cable for the C500 series indicators.