Automatic Batching Console

    Automatic Batching Console


    Key Highlights & Features

    • 99 Recipe memory
    • Auto-jogging & auto-flights
    • Automatic discharge sequences
    • Emergency stop button
    • Minimal electrical installation
    • Prewired - ready to install
    • User friendly


    The 5110 and 5120 batching consoles are simple and cost effective means of installing a stand-alone automatic batching system. They feature a 5100 panel mounted in the steel enclosure with:
    • din-rail mount VAC to VDC power supply
    • emergency stop button
    • 0215 4 input/4 output relay module
    • three (3) assignable operator buttons
    The 5100 stores each of the materials and 99 recipes using six alpha/numeric name - these names are then used by the operator to view and select items. For example when entering a target for cement, the 5100 can display "CEMENT" as the identifier for the feeder.