D732 Super Bright LED Remote Display

    D732 Super Bright LED Remote Display


    Key Highlights & Features

    • Auto detecting setup
    • Compatible with Rinstrum indicators only
    • Dedicated Red/Green Traffic lights
    • Isolated RS232/485 Serial Input
    • Suitable for external use
    • Super Bright LEDs
    • Wide viewing angle 120


    The D732 is a 7 segment super bright LED remote with 75mm (3") high digits and traffic lights. It is an ideal economical display for weigh bridges and truck scales. The D732 is suitable for industrial applications both indoors and out, and features:
    • Isolated RS232/RS485 serial input
    • Protocol compatible with Rinstrum indicators only and systems that support Rinstrum/Range A and C and PC Modes. **NEW Protocol 4 Ranger D in latest release.
    • Greater than 20m /66 feet at 120 viewing angle
    • 10 step auto adjusting brightness
    Traffic Lights: 35mm/1.4" red and green traffic lights that can be driven via the communications protocol.
    Decimal Point: The decimal point is displayed between digits as a single LED and does not affect number of digits displayed.
    Configurator PC Software: Allows for configuration via the PC - unit addressing in PC mode for multi-drop applications and brightness and time out can be set.