D850 Large Remote Display

    D850 Large Remote Display


    Key Highlights & Features

    • Alpha numeric characters for improved readability
    • Annunicators**
    • Auto detecting setup
    • Compatibility with large range of indicator manufacturers
    • Isolated RS232/485 Serial Input or Ethernet
    • Super Bright LEDs
    • Unit switching**
    • VAC/VDC Power Options
    • Wide viewing angle


    The D850 is a super bright RED LED display that features alpha-numeric characters allowing for improved clarity in messaging. This is ideal for concrete batching plants or custom site management applications where non-weight related messages such as material names need to be displayed. The D850 supports the majority of printable ASCII characters. This displays is a part of Rinstrum's range of large remotes that are built for industrial applications for both indoor and outdoor industrial applications.
    Visibility D850 - >70m (230 feet) at 120 degrees viewing angle
    Unit Switching** D850 allows for kg, lb, t and g units to show on display
    Decimal Point The decimal point will be displayed between digits as two LEDs in the D850. The decimal point does not affect number of digits displayed.
    **Where unit switching , traffic lights and annunciators are support in the protocol