conWEIGHr Pedestals

    conWEIGHr Pedestals


    Key Highlights & Features

    • Ideal for reach stackers, side loaders
    • Immediate Online VGM Certificate generation
    • Low power Bluetooth back to phone application
    • Mobile and fast to setup
    • Patented load introduction for accuracy
    • Suitable for uneven ground


    The conWEIGHr container weighing pedestal set is an innovative mobile container weighing kit that has been developed to provide a certified and convenient solution for shippers and freight forwarders to comply with the SOLAS VGM legislation. Each conWEIGHr pedestal incorporates a pillar load cell and R320 digital weight indicator.

    The conWEIGHr shipping container weighing equipment enables certified mobile, efficient and accurate container weighing and VGM certificate generation. Attach the 4 pedestals to any type of shipping container to weigh the container, generate a VGM certificate and be fully compliant with SOLAS Container weight laws.
    The conWEIGHr pedestals can be used to make the following applications into mobile weighing devices:
    • reacher stack
    • side loader
    • straddle carrier
    • fork lift
    Benefits of using a conWEIGHr system:
    • Eliminate unnecessary container transport and weighbridge related travel and time costs
    • Improve efficiency in machinery movements and resource productivity
    Trade Approvals:
    NMI TRADE APPROVED to CLASS III - NMI Certificate of Approval NMI P6/10B/92
    OIML CERTIFIED - OIML Certificate of Conformity R76-1/1992-AU1-16.0

    Effectivley turn your container lifting equipment into a Class III NMI trade approved weighing device with conWEIGHr.