Intuition 20i and 22i


    • Time and date
    • Audit trail tracking
    • Stainless steel enclosure (IP67)
    • 20 mA serial port for a remote display
    • Built-in weighing and counting modes
    • User and operator password protection
    • Alibi memory retains last 100k transactions
    • Large six-digit display (0.8 in, 20 mm): LCD (22i); LED (20i)
    • Accumulation—weights are totaled, with armed print function
    • Keyed tare—preset tare value can be entered when the gross weight is at zero
    • Two serial ports for printing and networking, including various serial stream formats
    • Local/remote—remote unit displays weight and transmits key press commands to the local unit
    • Drives up to 10 x 350 Ω load cells  (4/6 wires), or up to 20 units of 700 Ω
    • Custom ticket printing—gross, net and setpoint format can be customized up to 300 characters and print time and date, unit ID, and consecutive ticket number
    • Batching—up to eight batch steps with latched or continuous outputs for gross, net and delay setpoint. Actions include trip high or low, wait for standstill, print, accumulate and tare
    • Ethernet TCP/IP and USB 2.0 board
    • Rechargeable battery 3.7 V, 5.3 A/h: 42 h operation (22i); 18 h operation (20i)
    • Analog output 0/2–10 VDC or 0/4–20 mA Digital I/O card, four dry-relay outputs/two opto-isolated inputs for setpoints and batching
    • Truck scales
    • Counting scales
    • Inventory control
    • Process weighing
    • Bench and floor scales
    • Various industrial systems